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This unique fast-paced action-puzzle arcade-clipper will have you play as Astrid, mother of her child, as many mothers are. Joined by a talking lawnmower she journeys to find her lost husband, truth and some lawns to mow.

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Our bullet points

  • 12 unique and individually decorated levels with 3 different themes (whereof only one is shown in the screenshots)
  • 3 types of power-ups to help you out
  • Humorous story where things get out of hand quickly
  • Stylized artstyle combined with realistic rendering techniques
  • Dynamically changing music and field-recorded sound effects

Things to note

Recommended specs

OS: Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200U
GPU: Desktop GTX 1050 / Mobile GTX 1050-Ti
Storage: 600MB of free storage space


WASD / Arrow Keys – Move and turn
Shift – Toggle overview camera mode
Space – Press for next dialogue, hold to skip all dialogue

There’s currently no controller support in the game. We plan on adding it in a future update.. Please use a mouse and keyboard for now.


The game comes packaged as a ZIP-file. Unzip it to any location using a file manager that supports ZIP-files (such as 7-Zip).


If you want to verify that the software hasn’t been tampered with, please use the hashes provided below:

MD5 for Lawnmother 1.0.0 Win64.zip: b1cb9703833bf14494398cf901e9e589


The ZIP-file you just unzipped contains a single folder which contains an executable called “Lawnmother.exe” and some other files and folders needed to run the game. Make sure you leave these where they are so they’re in the same directory. Double click the executable to run the game.

At this point, Windows SmartScreen may warn you about or prevent you from running the software. Select "Run anyway" to bypass this warning. If that option doesn't appear, press the blue "More info" text below the warning message and the option should appear.

This warning is caused by the fact that we don’t have a code sign certificate, which is used to automatically verify that the code hasn't been tampered with. You can verify this manually using the hash provided above, after which (or if you don’t care) you can ignore the warning.


Mac support will be added in a future update.

Other platforms

No other platforms are planned as of now. However, if there's enough demand, we could make a Linux build. It's also possible for us to make an Android build, although that would require a reworked control scheme and a lot of optimization work.

Updates and feedback

Due to the short development time of this game, we had to cut certain nice-to-have features to make the deadline. We plan on updating the game with these features and to fix any bugs or issues that arise.

If you stumble upon a bug, have any positive or constructive feedback you'd like us to hear or if you’d like us to bring Lawnmother to your platform of choice, please leave a comment below or contact us at treehouse.his@gmail.com. Any and all feedback is highly appreciated!

To do:

  • Add proper controller support
  • Add save system
  • Add graphics quality options
  • Extend platform support to Mac

Known issues:

  • Music sometimes cuts out when picking up a power-up and returns when picking up another power-up. (If you experience this, please contact us to help us nail down the exact circumstances for when this happens. Thank you!)

Content warnings

This game contains mature humor and occasional language.


How long does it take to play the game from start to finish?

It depends on how well you play. It's possible to finish the game in 20 minutes, but about 40-80 minutes is more realistic for a first playthrough.

What software did you use to make the game?

We used Unity 2019.2 as our game engine and FMOD Studio as our audio engine. Other software we used during development include Visual Studio 2019, Maya 2019, Blender, Photoshop, Paint.NET, FL Studio, Ableton, Reaper, Logic Pro and GitHub with the GitHub Desktop client. Launch trailer footage was recorded with OBS and was originally edited in iMovie then reconstructed in Vegas Pro 14 for better timing and video quality.

Why is this game free?

This game was developed as a student project at The University of Skövde. It's intended to be more of a portfolio-piece for the team members who worked on it rather than a commercial product.

Can I play this game in a YouTube video or on a livestream?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! All of the audio in this game is original and safe to use in videos or livestreams. We'd appreciate it if you made sure to leave a link back to this page in your video description or in chat. Thank you!

How can I support the developers of this game?

Thank you for asking! Since there’s no way to buy or donate, the best way to support us is to spread the word about Lawnmother and to follow @lawnmother on Twitter so you can keep up to date with future projects by our team members. If you want to, you can also follow our team members individually. Their links are listed below.

If you're from a company and would like to hire some of us, please email us! Contact info for each of us is listed below.

The team behind Lawnmother

Treehouse Studios is a team of 14 first-year game development students studying at The University of Skövde.

E-mail: treehouse.his@gmail.com

Twitter: @lawnmother
YouTube: Treehouse Studios

Below is a list of each team member, their role in the game's development as well as their contact info and social media links.

Olle Axelsson

Role: Project Leader, Lead Programmer

Did: Player movement, grid- and collision system, lighting and post-processing, internal level-building tools, etc. Also project leader stuff.

E-mail: contact@ollaxe.com

LinkedIn: @ollaxe
Twitter: @ollaxe
SoundCloud: @OllAxe
YouTube: OllAxe

Erik Hellström

Role: Lead Designer / Trellomaster

Did: Game mechanics and level design, organization and prioritization of work in Trello.

E-mail: erikh99@gmail.com

LinkedIn: @erik-h-951268138
Twitter: @erikh99

Albin Klint

Role: Lead Graphics Artist

[This team member hasn't submitted a summary and their contact info yet. Please check back later!]

Markus Broberg

Role: Lead Game Writer

Did: Responsible for game's narrative, co-wrote dialogue.

E-mail: feralmack@gmail.com

Anton Nordin

Role: Lead Audio, Musician

Did: Composing, implementation of music and sounds, FMOD-related programming.

Email: antonordin@gmail.com

LinkedIn: @anton-nordin-143b841a5
Twitter: @iirinore

Anton Andersson

Role: Programmer

Did: Health system, power-ups, UI programming, backup-management, technical support.

E-mail: aeand2@gmail.com

Patrik Widengren

Role: Designer

[This team member hasn't submitted a summary and their contact info yet. Please check back later!]

Onel Georgis Enwya

Role: 2D graphics artist

Did: Texturing, PBR materials, cover art.

E-mail: ColeWoodsGames@gmail.com

LinkedIn: @onel-georgis-enwya-774a35148
Twitter: @ColeEthanWoods
ArtStation: @coleethanwoods
Twitch: @coleethanwoods

Daniel Mattsson

Role: Animator

Did: Character and trailer animation, 3D modeling, level decoration.

E-mail: daniel_mattsson00@outlook.com

LinkedIn: @d4nielmattsson
Twitter: @D4nielMattsson

Eli Renström

Role: 3D Graphics Artist

Did: Characters, scenery, FX, logos, trailer editing.

E-mail: elirenstrom@gmail.com

Instagram: @arasaari

Cim Broström

Role: Game Writer

Did: Wrote dialogue and story, level design.

E-mail: cimpan88@hotmail.com

Erik Ehrngren

Role: Composer/producer

Did: Production and composing of the soundtrack and trailer music.

E-mail: erik.ehrngren@gmail.com

LinkedIn: @ehji
Twitter: @Ehji_Music
SoundCloud: @ehji
Instagram: @ehji_music

Niclas Hedlund

Role: Sound designer

Did: Sound design and field recording.

E-mail: niclashedlund1995gmail.com

Twitter: @NiclasHedlund
YouTube: Kerma

Joel Räty Varverud

Role: Sound designer

Did: Sound design.

E-mail: joel.skogen@live.com

Twitter: @OfficialDiNaZzo
Facebook: @joel.ratyvarverud
Instagram: @dinazzo_


Lawnmother 1.0.0 Win64.zip 195 MB

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